Digital Marketer • Ecommerce Leader • VR / AR / MR Evangelist

Senior Vice President, Ecommerce & Mobile

In my role I was accountable for all eCommerce related functions including strategy, user experience, optimization, platform, across all digital channels (Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App, Tablet web, Social Ecomm).

I also led UX design and development which included A/B and multi-variant testing, insight gathering through UX several industry tools as well as monitoring impact of changes to the user experience on our eCommerce purchase and repurchase funnels across all our digital channels.

I was accountable to our Mobile App strategy, experience and optimization for both the iOS and Android platforms and led initiatives to implement expanded SMS program using industry best practices
• Led initiative to implement iOS Passbook that would create an Rx wallet for customers while giving us a new CRM channel
• Developed customer journey funnels so that we could optimize each part of the customer experience by channel (Mobile Web, Mobile App, Tablet Web, Desktop Web)
• Accountable to all demand generation for the company related to Search (PPC & SEO)
• Facilitated the selection of a new eCommerce Platform for the organization ( and and it’s migration and implementation strategy across Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App, and Tablet web
• Evaluated, organized and built organizational structure to support UX, eCommerce, Mobile, and Search
• Developed measurement & analysis capabilities specific to eCommerce and digital marketing so that we can use data more effectively to inform and create action plans to attract and retain customers
• Oversaw the migration of our websites to a responsive design from a multi-site setup
• Weekly reporting and analysis on all KPIs relative to business performance
• Work with the CMO to help develop strategic plans for our brand and explore ways of developing a more robust attribution model by marketing channel in order to inform marketing mix decisions

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