Digital Marketer • Ecommerce Leader • VR / AR / MR Evangelist

Senior Vice President, Marketing

My role with Purch has progressively evolved over the last three years. I was hired as the SVP & General Manager of their ecommerce business and to oversee a team of over 100 on with P&L responsibilities.  Highlights included a site experience re-vamp across 1200 categories that elevated the brand while being responsive to all screens. We also worked a lot on improving our credibility through an enhanced testing & review process.  A re-brand & re-launch of our ecommerce practice with expanded category coverage while optimizing fulfillment and doubling down on our customer service operation was also a focus.

Recognizing that we needed both an audience diversification strategy and a mobile strategy, my role then evolved to lead a new business division we called "Shopper Services" which focused on building a  customer loyalty strategy by leveraging & white labeling our recent acquisition of into a horizontal service layer that offered deals, sales and cash back from leading brands to our family of 25+ brands.  The concept of building customer lifetime value was new & innovative for a media publisher that traditionally focused only only CPM rates.  We also focused on creating a mobile App ecosystem that focused on connecting the online shopper journey with the offline journey through our acquisition & evolution of the Consumer App (renamed Purchx) and ShopSavvy.

With Shopper Services launched and now fully integrated into our B2C business, my role has evolved again to focus on building our corporate brand while implementing a company wide brand architecture strategy.   My role also includes supporting & leading go to market strategies for new lines of business (such as and supporting the overall corporate storyline through paid, earned, and owned strategies.

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