Digital Marketer • Ecommerce Leader • VR / AR / MR Evangelist

Vice President, Digital & Mobile

I was brought on to help BSTREET build & expand their digital, media and mobile marketing capabilities for their fortune 500 retail brands.  BSTREET was known more for their promotional marketing capabilities but they identified the need to round out their services by being a full service marketing agency for their clients.

I built & led digital and mobile service capability for Toronto offices with strategy, insight, UX, client service, planning and implementation responsibilities while collaborating with our UK office on specific projects
• Created mobile marketing capability and executed mobile programs with several top CPG brands
• Created social media capability with several programs extending to facebook and twitter and foursquare
• Created digital media planning and buying capability that included mobile and social media and secured all digital media business from a major CPG brand
• Developed innovative experiences leveraging APIs from twitter and facebook to support promotions and campaigns for a major Alcohol distributor across several brands
• Developed internal CMS expertise on several open source platforms in order to build or migrate digital experiences to more robust platforms
• Integrated digital & mobile best practices into retail and experiential services
• Significantly grew revenues from digital marketing and helped secure several new clients who hired us for digital marketing related services

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