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I am the Head of Digital at Golin, a leading UK Public Relations and Communications agency. At Golin, we possess the power to inspire and create change worthy of awe and action. By embracing new technologies and pushing creative boundaries, we help our clients adapt and win in a constantly changing world. We do things differently. Using our revolutionary g4 model, our specialist communities use proprietary tools to plan and execute powerful campaigns designed to create positive change for our clients. We are committed to delivering the deepest insights, boldest ideas and broadest engagement to the world’s leading brands through seamless integrated communications.  I have been working with international brands for over 15 years with some of the biggest and best names in digital including JWT, McCann Worldgroup, AKQA, Razorfish, and now Golin.

I am aware of Mr. Barrett’s extraordinary work and the global impact it has had on global corporations within the telecommunications sector. I was introduced to Mr. Barrett while he was the Senior Director of Digital and Mobile for BlackBerry.  Part of his global responsibilities brought him to the UK on occasion and our paths crossed several times.

Mr. Barrett has extensive international experience in managing senior teams, building brands while working with marketing, sales, partners and customers. As a strong communicator and leader, he is a key spokesperson, reflecting the brand and positioning of a company. He is also able to connect and build international relationships, respecting cultural and regional differences. Underpinning all of this is his experience in creating outstanding digital customer experiences, and the desire to drive innovation and service.

I am aware that as Senior Director for BlackBerry, he built a strong digital marketing team which supported the global launch of the BlackBerry Playbook and several BlackBerry smartphone devices including the Bold and the Curve.  His technology team selected and then migrated over 300 global BlackBerry websites in 14 languages across desktop, mobile and tablet which saved BlackBerry millions in ongoing maintenance related costs due to the efficiencies gained with his project.

I am also aware that Mr. Barrett has been leading the overall global brand architecture initiative for Purch Group that will tie-together several disparate brands like Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, and others into an endorser strategy that will elevate the brand equity in Purch and all sub-brands. Given that many brands are deeply rooted in Europe, it’s no small task to build and implement a strategy that considers and recognizes cultural and regional needs and differences.

Head of Digital @ Golin - a leading UK Public Relations and Communications agency,

I have spent my career working with exceptional brands and leaders of industry in many capacities including holding senior roles with two of the world’s largest and best known digital agencies (Razorfish & Leo Burnett).

After over 25 years of working with the world’s largest brands I joined Linkedin where I’m the Global Agency Partner Lead.  In this role I work with leading agencies from around the globe and continue to work with the best of the best in the industry.  Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with 400 milion+ members.

I’ve known of Mr. Barrett for many years through his reputation as a thought leader and digital media innovator.  His work at BlackBerry is well known to me as some of it was truly a first for our industry and years ahead of the competition.  He led efforts to create the world’s first truly “responsive” website for tablets – at least two years before even the term responsive became an industry standard.  Although the platform it was designed for ultimately did not succeed (the BlackBerry Playbook), he set the gold standard for how other brands and agencies should build websites that respond to the sizing, format and hardware specifications of a device.

Mr. Barrett’s recent press releases around combining a large shopping mobile App (ShopSavvy) with a loyalty service derived from their acquisition of is pure brilliance.  Developing a shopping specific loyalty program that is mobile enabled to serve their 100 million monthly users through their family of brands is to my knowledge a first globally for a digital publisher. It’s impressive to me that he was able to execute on such an ambitious and never been done before program – especially when you consider the strategic and technological implications for getting this done.

Mr. Barrett also tends to appear on my industry radar as a prolific social media personality.  His Linkedin profile is among the top 1% of all members due to the number of connections, interactions and endorsements he has received.  He’s also a gifted communicator as evidenced by his presentations and participation in industry events as a speaker, moderator or panel guest.

Mr. Barrett’s exceptional abilities as a digital marketing strategist and leader puts him in a category above most.  Having worked with agencies and brands from around the world, my assessment comes with a global lens and filter.

Senior Leader, Linkedin

I am a mobile marketing and industry leader and innovator who took Bluetooth technology in mobile phones and made them commercially viable in South African retail and shopping center environments.    Recognizing the potential of the mobile phone in a country where access to reliable networks or wifi was sometimes problematic, I leveraged Bluetooth to create services and systems that directly connected users with services that were completely independent from telecommunication carriers or wifi networks.

I first became aware of Mr. Barrett over 10 years ago through his blog articles which had an international audience and acclaim.  Mr. Barrett was at the time writing about the potential of Bluetooth as a marketing activation and engagement device for events, brands and retailers and had referenced some of my work in South Africa as a real working example of how systems in other countries could be leveraged in Canada.

I continued to follow Mr. Barrett’s marketing exploits with great interest as he piloted and tried new tactics leveraging mobile and Bluetooth specifically.  As an authority on mobile marketing, he is considered to be a global analyst whose pragmatism has helped shape and identify what is possible in mobile marketing.   Mr. Barrett was also among the first to highlight and identify best practices around using QR Codes for a North American audience by studying how it was working in Japan and Korea and then making the application of them contextually relevant for his home market.  His approach and thinking as outlined many years ago today are industry standard and considered to be best practice.

I’ve been following his career with great interest and I’m especially impressed to see how he has led the creation of a mobile app shopping ecosystem through the acquisitions of CONSUMR, ShopSavvy and QR Code reader Apps.  He has re-launched all three with innovative experiences for price comparisons (locally and online), user reviews and offers that are relevant by leveraging bluetooth and other mobile technologies to create “just in time” and locally relevant offers.  I also noticed that the ShopSavvy mobile app was featured this year on the Dr. Oz show and Good Morning America tv programs which is a sign that the work he’s leading is getting national acclaim.

Mobile Marketers around the world consider Mr. Barrett to be an authority on the Mobile App ecosystem. His global experience and knowledge is unique and highly valued. His work truly represents expertise that puts him at the top of his field.

He is one of the industry's leading lights whose perspective and vision will enhance America’s ability to maintain it leadership in the Internet and Mobile App industry. There is no doubt that Mr. Barrett is among the top handful of specialists in the world today.

Former Director, WCIT - South Africa , Currently Director Marketing and Operations - Fraser Valley Vending LTD

I have over ten years experience of International Executive Search across the Digital, Media, Marketing and Technology space. During this time I have worked on Pan European searches delivering top end shortlists to a variety of companies; from large global brands to US start up's trying to gain a foothold in Europe. I have completed searches in all of the main European territories and have successfully helped set up a large number of successful US businesses in the UK.

I am currently the Director at Cameron McInnes - an International Digital Executive Search consultancy. We operate the traditional search methods but incorporate a personal and bespoke service; being a boutique agency we can adapt to our clients needs, building projects around them. Reputation is the key to our success and we work to ensure our delivery track record is the best in the market.

I believe that my background and experience qualify me to evaluate Mr. Barrett’s background and accomplishments.

I became familiar with the work of Mr. Barrett while doing business development research. The company he works for (Purch) has a strong European presence in addition to being one of the largest digital media publishes in the USA.  It is my opinion that Mr. Barrett is among the top 2% of digital media and marketing leaders worldwide and would be an exceptionally valuable asset to any company seeking strategic and thought leadership in digital and mobile media.

Mr. Barrett belongs to a rare breed of digital media executives who have been able to apply their unique talents and skills to various successful uses across several industries and from both the agency, brand and publisher sides of the business.  In the field of digital media, many develop an expertise in only one area, however, Mr. Barrett has succeeded in providing significant contributions to the broader fields of mobile and loyalty marketing by developing brilliant cross-platform programs and applying them in several industry verticals including retail, finance, automotive and publishing. Mr. Barrett’s recent development of a horizontal loyalty service layer for 12 internet media brands is innovative and potentially game changing for publishers who are looking for ways to halt the decline in traffic to their sites as consumers abandon traditional websites for social and mobile app platforms to get their news and information.

Mr. Barrett has proven his ability to make significant contributions to the field of digital media and he has rightfully gained recognition in the international community as a thought leader with extraordinary ability. There is no doubt in mind that he will continue to make such outstanding contributions.

Director at Cameron McInnes,