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BBB v3

Back in college I was the editor my our school newspaper and I began posting my thoughts, ideas and general POV on topics that at the time seemed really important. As one of the few Canadians at Delhi State University of New York, I took on the moniker of Bacon Boy and posted under them under "Burning the Bacon with Barrett."

That moniker was revived with an ongoing blog that at one point was rated among the most popular in Canada but sadly (SAD) I let that domain expire ( years ago after joining BlackBerry.  Although my blog was a representation of my own views, it was possible that as a relatively senior digital marketing employee of BlackBerry my blog could be interpreted as an extension of their views or policies. I stopped blogging and let the domain expire. Check out this snapshot of my site from 2010 from the Wayback machine.

Managing your personal brand is a career-long endeavor and with this site I bring you version 3 of burning the bacon with barrett.

I don't expect to be publishing here 5x a week like I was in 2010, but it will be a good aggregation of my views, opinions and ideas as it relates to the digital marketing industry.

Although I hated and made fun of twitter when I reluctantly joined in 2007, it's now my primary source of industry interaction. Follow me and if you work in a related industry I'll follow you back.

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