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Why Wendy’s already owes #NuggsForCarter 1,718 meals

Over the last few days Twitter user and teen from Nevada Carter Wilkerson has been trying to get 18 million retweets after asking Wendy's how many retweets it would take to earn a year's worth of free chicken nuggets.

He's already north of 1.6 million retweets - or about halfway to the most re-tweets ever.  18 million seems unrealistic but everybody likes a fighter - especially one with his confidence

From my perspective, he's already earned it. Here's my rationale:

  • If Wendy's were looking to expose a tweet or promotional offer to 1.6 million twitter users, they would pay somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 for that media buy (assuming a range of $3.43 to $6.34 CPM or cost per 1000 impressions based on my own recent experience).
  • At the low end, that buys over 900 five piece chicken nugget meals for Carter which translates to 18 per week or 3 per day.  At the high end of my estimate, that translates into 1,718 meals or 33 per week or 5 per day
  • The good will generated for the brand (also known as positive sentiment) by granting him his wish even if he comes short could also be worth more than the cost to supply him with his nuggs for a year.
  • Conversely, the bad will generated by not granting his wish now could lead to deflating the Wendy's brand (or creating negative sentiment).  Not capitalizing now could also give an another brand an opportunity to steal the good will and offer him something of similar or equal value. Even T-Mobile is getting into the action by offering him free nuggets if he switches from AT&T
  • Wendy's could leverage Carter's newfound celebrity by making him a spokesperson & getting him into a commercial - not unlike when Subway made Jared a spokesperson after his story of weight loss on a subway diet went viral. Better yet, they could make him the center of a social media / marketing campaign - one that supports the brand while fully leveraging Carter's influence.

For Wendy's to capitalize and not lose control of this opportunity to other brands, give him his year of nuggets now and then double down and offer a lifetime of nuggets is he can get to 18 million.


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