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Exclusive: Here’s how Purch’s purchase of ShopSavvy will affect the startup, Dallas

ShopSavvy soon will have the resources it needs to scale its business after being acquired by New York City-based company Purch.

The acquisition was announced Thursday. The companies did not release financial details about the deal. ShopSavvy, founded in Dallas by Rylan Barnes, John Boyd, Jason Hudgins and Alexander Muse in 2008, has offices in Dallas and San Francisco. The company does not intend to move its Dallas office.

“We’ve done a goo job at evolving to 100 million users a month and provided them resources so they can make good buying decisions,” said Phil Barrett, senior vice president of Purch. “Now ShopSavvy allows us to tell people the best place to buy it.”

The acquisition marks the fourth for Purch, which raised $135 million in a series C round of funding in June. It also acquired AnandTech, ActiveJunky and Consumr, which is now PurchX.