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Three ways publishers are bringing sophistication to e-commerce

The New York Times announced it had purchased The Wirecutter and its sister site, The Sweethome, for just over $30 million. The deal gives the Gray Lady a new source of income and its first taste of affiliate marketing, a revenue stream publishers have been exploring to supplement display ad revenue. The Times is hardly the first…
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How mobile publishers can use content to drive commerce

Phil Barrett, Senior VP  and GM at Purch, joins our hosts -- Peggy Anne Salz and Shahab Zargari -- to discuss how mobile publishers can make buying decisions easy and actionable for 'mobile-first' consumers. From the importance of visitor stitching across platforms and devices, to the critical need for metrics that focus on lifetime value…
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Purch’s Phil Barrett: The War Is On For Lifetime Value, Header Bidding Heats Up

RTBlog spoke with Phil Barrett, senior VP at Purch, a publisher of Web titles that include Tom’s Guide and Tom’s Hardware. Purch sites help people make buying decisions about technology. Barrett discussed his predictions for 2016, which include a new emphasis on consumers' lifetime value and commerce replacing traditional ad revenues. The App vs. Mobile…
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