Digital Marketer • Ecommerce Leader • VR / AR / MR Evangelist

I am a mobile marketing and industry leader and innovator who took Bluetooth technology in mobile phones and made them commercially viable in South African retail and shopping center environments.    Recognizing the potential of the mobile phone in a country where access to reliable networks or wifi was sometimes problematic, I leveraged Bluetooth to create services and systems that directly connected users with services that were completely independent from telecommunication carriers or wifi networks.

I first became aware of Mr. Barrett over 10 years ago through his blog articles which had an international audience and acclaim.  Mr. Barrett was at the time writing about the potential of Bluetooth as a marketing activation and engagement device for events, brands and retailers and had referenced some of my work in South Africa as a real working example of how systems in other countries could be leveraged in Canada.

I continued to follow Mr. Barrett’s marketing exploits with great interest as he piloted and tried new tactics leveraging mobile and Bluetooth specifically.  As an authority on mobile marketing, he is considered to be a global analyst whose pragmatism has helped shape and identify what is possible in mobile marketing.   Mr. Barrett was also among the first to highlight and identify best practices around using QR Codes for a North American audience by studying how it was working in Japan and Korea and then making the application of them contextually relevant for his home market.  His approach and thinking as outlined many years ago today are industry standard and considered to be best practice.

I’ve been following his career with great interest and I’m especially impressed to see how he has led the creation of a mobile app shopping ecosystem through the acquisitions of CONSUMR, ShopSavvy and QR Code reader Apps.  He has re-launched all three with innovative experiences for price comparisons (locally and online), user reviews and offers that are relevant by leveraging bluetooth and other mobile technologies to create “just in time” and locally relevant offers.  I also noticed that the ShopSavvy mobile app was featured this year on the Dr. Oz show and Good Morning America tv programs which is a sign that the work he’s leading is getting national acclaim.

Mobile Marketers around the world consider Mr. Barrett to be an authority on the Mobile App ecosystem. His global experience and knowledge is unique and highly valued. His work truly represents expertise that puts him at the top of his field.

He is one of the industry's leading lights whose perspective and vision will enhance America’s ability to maintain it leadership in the Internet and Mobile App industry. There is no doubt that Mr. Barrett is among the top handful of specialists in the world today.

Former Director, WCIT - South Africa , Currently Director Marketing and Operations - Fraser Valley Vending LTD