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I am the Head of Digital at Golin, a leading UK Public Relations and Communications agency. At Golin, we possess the power to inspire and create change worthy of awe and action. By embracing new technologies and pushing creative boundaries, we help our clients adapt and win in a constantly changing world. We do things differently. Using our revolutionary g4 model, our specialist communities use proprietary tools to plan and execute powerful campaigns designed to create positive change for our clients. We are committed to delivering the deepest insights, boldest ideas and broadest engagement to the world’s leading brands through seamless integrated communications.  I have been working with international brands for over 15 years with some of the biggest and best names in digital including JWT, McCann Worldgroup, AKQA, Razorfish, and now Golin.

I am aware of Mr. Barrett’s extraordinary work and the global impact it has had on global corporations within the telecommunications sector. I was introduced to Mr. Barrett while he was the Senior Director of Digital and Mobile for BlackBerry.  Part of his global responsibilities brought him to the UK on occasion and our paths crossed several times.

Mr. Barrett has extensive international experience in managing senior teams, building brands while working with marketing, sales, partners and customers. As a strong communicator and leader, he is a key spokesperson, reflecting the brand and positioning of a company. He is also able to connect and build international relationships, respecting cultural and regional differences. Underpinning all of this is his experience in creating outstanding digital customer experiences, and the desire to drive innovation and service.

I am aware that as Senior Director for BlackBerry, he built a strong digital marketing team which supported the global launch of the BlackBerry Playbook and several BlackBerry smartphone devices including the Bold and the Curve.  His technology team selected and then migrated over 300 global BlackBerry websites in 14 languages across desktop, mobile and tablet which saved BlackBerry millions in ongoing maintenance related costs due to the efficiencies gained with his project.

I am also aware that Mr. Barrett has been leading the overall global brand architecture initiative for Purch Group that will tie-together several disparate brands like Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, and others into an endorser strategy that will elevate the brand equity in Purch and all sub-brands. Given that many brands are deeply rooted in Europe, it’s no small task to build and implement a strategy that considers and recognizes cultural and regional needs and differences.

Head of Digital @ Golin - a leading UK Public Relations and Communications agency,